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a dancer and performer. She also works as a Pilates teacher, and loves to explore the body through movement techniques such as Yoga, Feldenkrais, contact improvisation, contemporary dance, Aikido, and nowadays BDSM, particularly Bondage.

Leo - director, filmmaker and performer. identifying as a Gender hacker and, among others, part of group Le Ragazze del Porno.

Gwen & Leo met through ropes and began a explorative journey and artistic research on body, pleasure, sexuality, pornography.




From Fantasies to Performance - on performing our own fantasiesgwen leo-WS1

The body becomes conscious instrument, in action, led by our own fantasies.

In this workshop we will explore how to act gesture, feel it, dominate it, performing it, but also how to be amazed by what improvisation can generate.
Participants will be led through movement exercises and group improvisations.

The experience will be functional and preparatory to the workshop "Be your sex mean: let's create a Pro-Am porn video", therefore it is highly recommended to those who want to bring their fantasies on stage.





Be your Sex Media: Let's Create a Pro-Am Porn Videogwen leo-WS2

In this workshop we will prepare a small set together with the participants to shoot a porn short movie, in order to stage and perform our erotic fantasies.
A professional director - one of the group Le Ragazze del Porno - will direct people who want to get involved, and be on stage. It's not just a home movie. But it is necessarily fun.

It is strongly recommended the participation to the workshop "From fantasies to performance" as a preparatory step to the set.










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