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Federico Svevo (aka Azazello Woland)

Passionate about alternative sexualities he comes to BDSM in 2006.

His biggest love are Japanese Bondage (kinbaku shibari) and whipping.

As a rigger Federico started his path in 2009 with Davide La Greca (MaestroBD; Rome) and then in 2013 adding lessons with Stefano Laforgia (Rome), Ren Yagami (Japan), took master classes with Bingo Shigonawa (Japan) Felix Ruckert (Berlino), and then Amalion (Berlin), Alberto Noshibari (Barcelona), Pedro Cordinhas (Lisbone), Gorgone (Paris), Kasumi Hourai (Japan), Andrea Laquartacorda (Italy). Now he's working on transitions during shibari suspensions and a personal "free-style".

As a whipping passionate Federico is working with the single tail following Adam K. Whipmaker and Max Mangiabene, with whom both he founded Fustigatio VirgaQue Romana in 2013.

In his personal approach to BDSM, he's convinced that every practice or technique is functional to get an intense emotional state, to share with the partner.

The research is focused on the Consent Culture to create a “safe space” in which people can play and interact through erotic/sensual/BDSM workshops.

He's been presenter to Rome Bdsm Conference (2015 and 2016), the Nowhere festival in Spain (2015) and the Berlin Bar in Germany (2016).




Spanking & Floggingno_image1


If you like to learn and experiment in a joyful environment this is your thing!

Not too much theory, a lot, really a lot, of practice. We're following some simple basic techniques about spanking and flogging, and you can enjoy and live some emotions and “experiences” doing it.

We will also focus on the Consent in the couples, this aspect will turn in experience too. We're going to train with the use of a safe-word.

This workshop is created for newbies but experts can join and play new schemes with us and interact with the others with no fears.

NB. The practical interaction is welcome but NOT mandatory, fell free to listen, ask and act in the ways and manners you feel comfortable in.


Spanking is one of the most sensual kinky activities.

Who didn't dream about being spanked once at least? The spanking game is so erotic because is related to the first punishing we've ever got: probably during the childhood.

Spanking and flogging also opened the doors to the proper BDSM world to most of who tried it.

It's also “Simple”, direct, and easily to use, it doesn't need any tool apart from your great hands. So easy. And “Safe” because inder these conditins and a proper supervision there's a very short percentage of making damages or troubles practicing it.

What do you need:

Bottoms don't have to wear specific clothes, everything comfy is ok. Let's say that if you really want to enjoy we invite you to leave naked spanked body areas… but that's your choice.

We will only use very light tools to play. Please bring your own tools if you like. If not we will share Xplore's ones.



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