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Diego Glikman - although his Argentinian background, today lives in Rome.

Video designer very passionate about erotic drawings, Diego starts his path toword the sexual consciousness in 2013, entering the Xplore Rome world, together with the american Burning Man. Once home he adopts the principle of “Radical Self Expression”, translating it into animal onesies wearing in his everyday life.

He dedicates his life to Tantra, BDSM, antisexism, Poliamory and Post-Porn.

Diego is founder of "La Coccoleria" in Italy, a cuddle party where the joy of group non-sexual physical contact is celebrated, through games and consent practice, in a safe and colorful space.

After meeting the Bonobo Tribe in California, he decides to organize also the Animalesque Parties in Rome, bringing a sex positive culture, where people feel at ease and can show theirselves in powerful ways through sexual acts and expression.





Cuddling is a safe and fluffy space where we can share affection, tenderness and love for any body.

Surrounded by cushions, stuffed animals and soap bubbles, adults can hug, caress, smooch, massage, squeeze and all unconditionally without expectations, based on their needs, desire and limits.

The importance of kisses, hugs and caresses and other manifestations of affection is proven by science: cuddling responds to a need of feeling recognized, appreciated, protected, held, loved and it has the extraordinary power of regenerating psycho-physical well-being.

By cuddling and playing games we share energy and Oxytocin that makes us feel relaxed but also joyful and playful.

Consent is the core element. You are free to interact or not, however you feel!






Animalesque PartyDiego-party

A playful approach to sexuality, physical contact and cuddling.

Low expectation and high possibilities: anything can happen when you don't have your mind set on something specific!

The Animalesque Party is a safe place, where you are free to get in contact with your desires and feel your boundaries, surrounded by fluffy pillows, balloons and soap bubbles.

Costumes, onesies, tails and make up can help to transmute into a wilder and more adventurous self, so after an Opening Circle there will be a decoration ritual.

Then we will dance and play games inspired by practices of Tantra, BDSM and Cuddle Parties, that put the focus on respecting the personal space and consent of the other creatures, premesis to have HOT encounters.

Come play with sex , talk about it and meet animals who are in the path of freeing themselves and their surroundings!











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