Seani Love

Seani Love


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Seani Love is a world-renowned male Tantrika who won the 2015 Sex Worker of the Year Award. He incorporates a diverse set of skills spanning ritual, BDSM, Theatre and Conscious Kink. He regularly tours Europe teaching Shadow Tantra, Conscious Kink and other erotic crafts.




Introduction to Conscious Kinkseani-flogs

Conscious Kink is the beautiful art and science of learning how to take people on eroticjourneys using BDSM and other sexual fetishes as our vehicles.

During this workshop,we’ll explore some of the basics techniques of Conscious Kink including Space Holding, Impact Play, Ritual and Domination/Submission.

These are wonderful crafts to engage in leading to deep places of surrender, erotic empowerment and a greater knowledge of how your own body works.

Conscious kink not only adds amazing degrees of pleasure to your erotic encounters but there is a deep and transformative healing side to it to which we will be able to have a look at.







Drowning Not WavingSeani-Drown

We all like to play in water and have a splash around and have fun in the water, but can the watery depths be a safe place for exploring kinks?

This workshop features practical exercises in watery kink - drowning each other in safe and powerful ways. Will you surrender or fight while someone is holding your head under water?

There will be an emphasis on safety but once communication is established, hours of fun can be had submerging each other under the water.







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