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AB (adult baby) Teacher, Novelist, Sexual counselor.
She's the Founder (with Anabel Mariposa and Mirko Tena) of the unique and first AB - Nursery in Italy, working with adult babies in Rome, Milan, Naples and Genova.

Passionate about, BDSM, alternative sexualities and sense stimulations,
today Proudence is working to dissuade people from the Idea that BDSM and Paraphiliae are dangerous states of mind.

She works on paths related to Paraphiliaes in order to embrace them in a healthy and safe way in everyday's life.

Proudence is the local producer of the Xplore Rome Festival




AB PlayProudence-AB2

This workshop will re-create a nursery environment under any needed aspect.

A playful and safe space in order to turn back to childhood, not just with the mind, but also with our bodies, and to re-discover hearing, tactical and sensory pleasures, and everything else is related to the babyhood.
After a brief introduction about paraphilic infantilism, people can move and feel like a baby among babies and teachers/mummies: playing, singing, or listening to stories. Without prejudices or fears, and fulfilling their tantrums and desires.
We'll be in a safe space where anyone can be cuddled and feel comfortable.
Activities will be shared, related to body care, rocking, cuddling and a semi-liquid tea time (using juices, bottles and feeding).

This workshop is also grat just to come and relax in a tender way between a deeply kinky workshop and the next very kinky one.

What do you need:
Feel free to come with pajamas, sleepers, bare feet, onesies, cartoon-goodies and any clothes/ sheets you feel comfortable in.
Toys, pelouches, dodos, and dollies are also welcome if they mean something important to ones who are joining the ws :)








AB Caring & ChangingProudence-AB

Body caring and diaper (nappy) changing are two very strong and powerful moments during a kinky Ab play, because the Ds relationship between the Mummy/Daddy/Teacher and her Adult Baby comes to a very high ad delicate psychological level. Based and amplified by the incontinence device, which is related to a fetishism that is very famous around the world but not so free to express itself here in Italy.

During this workshop, after a brief theoretical introduction, couples (real or momentary ones) will be leaded toward the intimate changing moment.

During the changing time genital areas will be involved: the touch and the caring will be limited to the washing, the cuddling and the changing. Other kind of practices will be not stopped, once they're consensual and don't create bother other participants.
Any not appropriate or vulgar behaviour will cause the immediate removal from the workshop.

NB: We warmly invite you to wear your diaper at the beginning of the day, or, at least, a couple of hours before the workshop times. In order to deeply enjoy the changing & caring time as a real baby :)

What do you need:
Nappies, cream, wet wipes and baby powder will be provided.
Your favourites nappies,








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