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Rosa & Tua are a couple since 20 years. Tua met Rosa first in 1996 on a SM-party, it was love at the first hit.

Rosa is practicing BDSM since 1989 with a lot of joy and passion, first only dominant and in the last years also submissive. She is a domina, french maid, actress and director of fetish movies and presenter of BDSM workshops.

Tua enjoys BDSM as a multikinky switchslut. He is involved in Rosa´s projects and at the moment he is writing a new novel, he takes fetish photos and paints erotic pictures. Meeting Rosa opened many new dimensions to his life. He could unfold his female parts, extend the borders of pain, increase his lust and celebrate his animal urges.

Rosa & Tua connects an intense and vivid love in which they explored and developed many aspects of BDSM. They often celebrate these experiences and teach their knowledge in workshops.

In 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015 they presented workshops about Schwanzdressur (CBT) and latex during the Xplore. This year they celebrate their workshop Schwanzdressur again, they deal with the topic they love most, cocks and how to train them to be hard and outstanding. In addition there will be a golden shower workshop and a workshop about domination.




Cock Conditioning (CBT)Moira Tua WS

In our workshop you can learn all about the unbelieveable possibilities of the Schwanzdressur in a protected and secure setting. Who doesn´t want to have a partner with an outstanding cock who is able to give many wonderful orgasms over hours and hours? To gain an extraordinary stability through variation of pain and lust without an ejaculation which would make the benefactor useless is the aim of our workshop. Man mustn´t think, it´s all in the hands oft he women (or the man) who trains the penis.

Women often think that they have to handle a man´s penis very carefully, man often think they would like a harder grip or even more but they don´t really talk about that topic.

The techniques shown in the workshop could be very useful in BDSM-sessions like e.g. teacher/student – interrogation situations – ageplay etc.

Rosa will explain all techniques and demonstrate them on Tua in a session. The participants will have enough time to explore everything. Each couple shouldn´t be fixed on imitating the techniques of Moira, they are invited to follow their own dynamic and their special erotic interests.

The workshop consists of demonstrations and the experiences on your own cock. The workshop takes place in a secure space which will be shut after the start of the workshop. If the active participants are ok with it, spectators could be present. But there shouldn´t be more spectators than active participants. We ask the audience to be sensitive with the delicate and intimate setting.

We think security and hygiene are important so there will be a small set of useful things like latex gloves, a little cane, a condom and lubricant. If you want to try other tools please bring your own toys like clamps, whips or ropes.

It is useful to find a partner if you want to take part before the workshop starts but it is also possible to find a nice „victim“ spontaneously at the beginning of the workshop. It´s good to have a towel or something like that to lay it under your possibly naked body.

The workshop is in English but you´ll probably understand everything because of the demontstrations.



Golden ShowerRosa&Tua-gold

In the workshop you can discover, experience and enjoy the pleasures of the Golden Shower. At the beginning of the workshop you´ll get some theoretical information about the Golden Shower (Urophilia) Then there will be a short performance in which you can enjoy your voyeuristic instincts. We´ll provide an open space for creating situations in which you can experience the different aspects of the Golden Shower yourself with a partner or in a small group as a giver or receiver. This practice can be used for: amusement, humiliation, punishment, reward, objectification, domination, exhibitionism, trust and control.

We advise you to drink as much as possible and not to urinate before our workshop to save all the valuable liquid for the holy ritual.







Frivolous Games with Dominance and Submission, Presence and DevotionRosa&Tua-dom

In this workshop Rosa & Tua invite you to discover the art of switching - being both a dominant and a submissive. You can experience the joy of being a master/mistress or a submissive/servant/pet/slave. You´ll learn about submissive postures, dominant gestures and the correct pet behavior. You´ll get to know how to seduce your mistress or master to do nice cruel things or how to train your submissive to read your desires from your eyes. We´ll do lots of exercises in which you learn all these fantastic sklills in humorous atmospere.

Bring your own tools which you might want to use.







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