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Charmed by sexuality, specifically about its expression through arts, he comes close to BDSM during some Schwelle7 workshops, and he keeps attending tantra schools, biodance, shamaniso, BDSM and everything could be related to the body expression.

He's interested in a conscious use of body and he's sure that the knowledge and experimentation in this field is the the happiness foundation: living those sensations in first person is strongly important.
He's passionate about music, theatre, dance, cinema,  comics and erotism, and he's been always busy planning and organizing events during the last 25 years, practicing a research and experimenting.

Prem Abhi 
Personal and Company Counselor he uses teaching techniques from holistic terapies. She studied ecomony, and lived for 12 years among Austria, Germany and USA.

The Holistic Path, mostly about meditation, started with her studies at a Swiss School and it develops through the "Accademia olistica del Villaggio Globale dei Bagni di Lucca", where the attended to the Tantralife Traning by Radha.

She followed courses with Maithuna of Zadra e Tantratango wih Cuoreaperto. Then she moved to ayurvedic massage and tantrea. She also got rebirthing/meditations notions thanks to Devapath in Miasto. Today  teaches blind massage, breathe tecniques and Tantra.




Crossin' the Bridge-no image1

Through this workshop we will create a setting who can allow to experiment an "extreme" situation, crossing our natural line... in order to verify what we can actually "feel" with our 5 senses.

In a safe space we can try and explore our boundaries to get a bigger consciusness about our own body.

A beautiful music will guide us, while we're having an inner journey where our body will move free from the mind control, in order to leave some space to our deespest desires. Some exercises will be  offered, related to tantra, BDSM, theatre and dance.

It's time to play with our fears and pur bondaries, to go cross the painful river that set us and our intimate desires aside. Fear sometimes, makes situation bigger and heavier than they really are, and makes people prisoners of their limits, so they seem so insuperable. Watching and talking about emotions is not enough, you need to go over it, try it, feel it in your body. Let's do it together, in a very funny way, we promise.
Costumes, outfits, toys, and everything you fantasy suggests, will be useful and warmly welcome, but not necessary.

Open mind and sense of responsability, together with no prejudices at all are required to attend this workshop.