Nehra Stella



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Nehra Stella is a French-Italian bisexual artist, mother and filmmaker, who longtime ago left Rome for Paris and in 2008 Paris for Berlin, which she considers to be her homeland.

In her work she explores gender, sexuality, identity issues, love and relationships, with an ironic, erotic, feminist, QUEER point of view.

She likes to wear a STRAP ON, she fancies boys with skirts and nail-polish, she loves all kind of girls, VAMPIRES, threesome, yoga, theater and dance and she actively militates against sexual exclusivity since she was 13 years old.

She is a fighter and she considers Monsanto, Pharmaceuticals Company and Capitalism as the REAL enemies.

She believes that ART and SEX can change the world.





“Amazon”, “Caring mother“, “Molester“, “Warriors“, “Alpha Male“ “Father”, “Master“ “Jealous Lover“ - who are you used to be? And who would you like to be, instead ??

In this workshop we will at first define typical archetypes that are significant to all us and then try to find out which are the ones we tend to identify ourselves with.

In an intimate and safe setting we will question the effects of those roles and by means of short “Role Play Sessions“ we will bring awareness to the power they have on our emotional, physical and spiritual being.

By observing archetypical images and habits we wish to dare to subvert them and discover new forms of encounter. Having a close look on the ensemble of our contradictions will open the possibility to live our potencies more fully - to celebrate and enjoy.