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Davide La Greca - AKA MaestroBD - was born in 1971 in Rome, where he's living and working.
In 90's Davide finds the Bondage out, that opens his path to the BDSM.

Since this Epiphany the decision came to share the culture linked to this delicate subject as an art. So he immediately started to work on the esibitions along with the didactic, obtaining a constant good reaction, in Italy and Abroad.

Today MaestroBD is one of the best shibari teacher in italy, resident performer at “La Regina Nera” (Bologna) and former staff member of “Ritual The Club” and “Martelive” (Roma).
“Boundcon” in Monaco and Austria, “RopeFest” in Saint Petersburg, “Xplore” in Berlin are few of the international presence dates.

But MaestroBD is also an essayist and a writer, he published “Bondage - La via italiana all’arte di legare”, together with Beatrice Gigliuto.
“Legami – Il Bondage all'Italiana” (with Beatrice Gigliuto) and “Roma e Bondage, Storie di Corde nella Capitale” are also his acclaimed works.

And he recently gave MBDCrew to light, a group of specialized artists in various BDSM subjects, and MBDStudio, a multifunctional place where MaestroBD hosts and promotes events, shootings and fetish related castings.

He's, together with Felix Ruckert, Xplore Rome 2015 Art Director.




Trust Me - The HugMaestroBD-hug

Trust is a necessary condition in order to live completely a sensation. But how fragile is it? And How much is possible to build it?

Let's face this fundamental column in our life, the Trust.

Trust me is a workshop about building and destroying trust, how to create it where it is missing.

We'll go through the good aspects related to the trust, the human warmness, the self trust and toward the others, the hope, and the ability to dream. Then we'll work on the betrayal, the fear of surrender, and the loneliness.

Learning how to trust the world around us is a skill to learn to be really happy.


















Ippon Nawa - The RopeMaestroBD-rope

One Rope to bind them all, One Rope to stop them,

One Ring to bring them all in the floor chain them

One Rope to freeze, excite, control and have fun.

Ippon Nawa is the use of a single rope to bind, in a group situation. Non with a consensual single partner, but to our closest neighbour, our friend.

Trying to create a unique identity, which is connected through every single point.

Just one knot is enough, the first one, then our fantasy and our passion will guide you in a path that will limit your possibility to get far from the closest person to you.

Everything will be guided by musics in order to create the proper emotions and count our times.

Bondage or Shibari Skills are not needed, everyone will also have ropes and emergency scissors.









Foto: incognito