Everyone is creative when it comes to sex. Our brain seems to dispose of infinite capacities in inventing images, sensations, games, tools and techniques to increase pleasure, stimulate arousal and prompt ecstatic states.

xplore 2016 welcomes this infinite creativity of the human mind. Our eyes, our ears and our nose, our tongue and our skin - all our senses love stimulation. The brain responds vividly to these impulses and permanently processes this input - trying to find the right balance between comfort and curiosity, between certitude and challenge. Trying to understand, trying to learn - trying to control: in order to better let go of control.

The brain is a sex machine - the ultimate device! The body is its laboratory and playground. Conscious Kink is a practice of the senses, enhancing our sensitivity, expanding our awareness and enlarging the playground.

So for this year at Borgo Paola we decided to program a very wide range of topics, covering popular, peculiar and extreme fetishes alike. We provide a peek into the panorama of countless variations of sexual practices and techniques to celebrate the kaleidoscopic variety of human desires.

We invite the shy and unsure to share our passion and knowledge. We beckon the experienced and adventurous to discover new territory and adopt unfamiliar customs. Fasten your seat belts. We wish you a pleasant ride.

Felix Ruckert, March 2016



Photo: MoBoFoTo©2016